Concise and clear must have

Norman Brisson , 2 years ago

I like Shotcut but with this course, I now love it enabling one to understand the finer points of its usage, a must have for new users. Thank you James.

Game Changer

Johnny Baker , 2 years ago

I have been buying different video editing software for well over a year, only to find out it takes hours of online and offline training to just get started. Then someone suggested Shortcut. After downloading the software and looking over refernce, this course came highly recommended. Let's just say, within a day I was doing more with video than the goal I had set for myself. I started with one video prior to this course to over 30 plus, lease than a week. Thanks for bringing a newbie into focus.

Exactly what I needed

Jane Yoo , 2 years ago

As a complete newbie to video editing, this course was exactly what I needed. I'm recording videos for my new business, and I discovered Shotcut in my search for free editing software. And it was through Shotcut's website that I discovered James' tutorial. I'm really grateful they mentioned this course because it was a quick way for me to learn.

Very clear and easy to follow

Nicola Jelmorini , 2 years ago

I already knew Shotcut for some time now, but I didn't know all the useful tips & tricks that this course includes (BTW I have also contributed to the italian translation). Shotcut is "almost" perfect as a free video editing tool, but of course there is always some possible improvements in my opinion. For instance: 1) possibility to organize video and audio tracks (maybe with a grouping functionality) 2) possibility to separate the audio track from a video 3) possibility to apply keyframing to the audio and video effects.

if you are not familiar with ideo editing you must check it out!

Hans P. Lourde , 2 years ago

So many times I had some ideas for short films as a hobby but a quick look at a video editor software was enough to hold me back. Randomly walk trough video editing tips on the web and lucky me found out this piece of art ... Perhaps the best $30 I spent so far. I'm working on my first project ever and pretty exited about all the possibilities shortcut ,for instance, have to offer. this course will show you that editing videos is not as complicated as you think ans will give you all you need to get started. *however have fun and let your imagination set the boundaries. **In a few days I intend to send to James Woo my first attempt. Hans P. Lourde Alberta, Canada