Worth the investment!

Guillermo Vasquez , 10 months ago

Went from a total beginner on video editing, to adding my first edited video in 'YouTube' in less than four hours. I couldn't say this first video is prefect, but by following James' training tips, I should be refining my video editing skills in the days/ weeks to come. If you are an entrepreneur starting your own business and are considering taking advantage of video for publicity or visibility, this course is a must have. As I said, it was worth the investment!

Excelente Training

Al Amaro , 1 year ago

Very good job in training with clear videos and short too making it very easy to follow, thank you James for this training........

Excellent course.

Dwight Anderson , 1 year ago

James has put together a wonderful course that makes learning Shotcut a pleasure instead of a chore. Thank you James.

Very helpful material - fantastic support

Ryan Park , 1 year ago

This training course is a must-have for gaining a better understanding of the functionality of Shotcut. The software is fairly straightforward, but James' instruction really puts the finishing touches on it. The videos helped me to get started toward my desired results, but what put it over the top was James' support and advice provided through the discussion forum. Through his advice and insight I was able to accomplish exactly what I was seeking when looking for video editing software without having to spend a fortune. Thank you James!!

Concise and clear must have

Norman Brisson , 1 year ago

I like Shotcut but with this course, I now love it enabling one to understand the finer points of its usage, a must have for new users. Thank you James.